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Homeopathic medicines

Accutane tablets online homeopathic medicines are subject to the same legal regulation as conventional medicines. In 2010, work began to revise the status of certain types of drugs, in particular, homeopathic drugs.

State regulation is designed to take into account the interests of the population (the dilemma “availability” and / or “safety” of medicines), without bias towards the interests of the pharmaceutical or medical business.

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In a number of countries, these drugs are regulated in different ways - either as a category "Medicines", or as "Food and additives", or as "alternative medicine". Currently, there is no established opinion of international organizations on this matter, agreed with the national health authorities.

The production of approved medicinal products must comply with the international requirements of the GMP standard, however, the introduction of this requirement on the territory of a number of CIS countries is carried out in stages, as the equipment of the main operating enterprises is updated.

The sale of medicines (as opposed to dietary supplements) is carried out only by specialized stores (pharmacies, pharmacy booths) with an appropriate license. The circulation of medicines is regulated by law and by-laws, including regularly updating the list of Vital and Essential Medicines (VED), the List of Narcotic Drugs, etc. Economic consequences of legislative regulationHealthgrades

Google Reviews There is a practice of returning the excise duty for the use of alcohol in the production of medicines - only after their sale. Bodies of state control over the quality of medicines The quality of medicines in Russia is controlled by the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development (Roszdravnadzor), subordinate to the Ministry of Health and Social Development of accutane.

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Roszdravnadzor website Most large cities in Russia have Centers for Quality Control of Medicines. Their main task is to check organizations selling drugs (compliance with numerous standards for the storage and sale of drugs), as well as selective (and in some regions, total) control of drugs. Based on the data from the regional centers, Roszdravnadzor makes decisions on the rejection of a particular drug.